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After the last set, time to relax!
Rob recieving his pay, in beer

After every gig at the Eimeo – Alan (the publican) would always have two pots ready for Rob. The band had a no drinking (and no other substances) policy when it came to playing as the energy levels required for the show demanded a full adrenaline quota from the players. Those two pots certainly went down well after losing a couple of kilos in sweat during the night. Razz used to get the odd noise complaint and Alan would always say –“Yeh I agree they are too bloody loud but there’s a couple of you complaining and five hundred out there loving it, so you’ll just have to stick your finger in your ears.” The night would always finish with Noisy Neighbours at its noisiest and five hundred people lying on their backs kicking their legs up in the air. It was called “doing the dead ant” and it was quite a sight.