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Advertisement for the Razz
News clip - the RAZZ

This is an advertisement that appeared in the Mackay Mercury advertising Sunday afternoons at the Eimeo Hotel for the "RAZZ". The "RAZZ" regularly appeared on Saturdays and Sundays for approximately 2 years in the late 1970s. "RAZZ" was formed by Robert Stewart and Andrew Heggen (now known as Red Rivers) in 1978, after Robert left the band "CARNIVAL" and moved to Mackay with his wife. The original lineup of the group was: Robert Stewart (Guitar), Andrew Heggen (Guitar), Shaun Frater (Drums) and John Tebbitt (Bass). Shaun left the band due to personal commitments in 1979, and was replaced for a short time by John Morley, who in turn was permanently replaced by Keith Megson (who had been playing in "HOT DOCTOR" at the time). Andrew left the band later in 1979 and was replaced by Tony Mockeridge on vocals and percussion.The "RAZZ" moved to Brisbane in 1980 but unfortunately succumbed to financial pressures and split soon after. Tony moved to Melbourne, while the other 3 members pursued alternative employment until making their way into various bands throughout Queensland. Keith moved back to Mackay to play in the "NAUGHTY BITS". John and Robert joined "STREET CAR", and then when that foundered started "ROOM WITH A VIEW".