Keith Megson - Drums


My first musical collaboration with members of 'State Secret' was with Robbie and Tony in a Brisbane Jazz/Rock outfit called 'Carnival' we managed a couple of original songs the 'Ballad of Tommy Jones' written by Tony and another 'Call Up' written by our other guitarist Paul Draper, we recorded these songs as demos but once Carnival packed up the tent they disappeared into my cassette collection.


It wouldn't be 'till Robbie coaxed me to leave Brisbane and head north to Mackay to join Razz that our musical union would continue, it was here that I met John the bass player for 'Razz' and soon discovered he was also a song writer of exceptional talent, John and I shared a flat for a while and I was continually amazed at how he could churn out songs night after night. It was the norm rather than the exception for John to write 3 or 4 songs a night sometimes more, these were exciting times for us rehearsing almost daily, touring up and down the Nth. Qld. Coast and did we play hard! After all it was the times of 'New Wave' music and it had to be played with attitude.

After a while Tony began contributing some songs and bang!! Suddenly we had an original repertoire to die for, we may well have been the only band around at the time playing 99% of original songs at gigs and had a devoted following any band would be proud of.

After many years of hard work and great pleasures Razz called it a day. We all took off in our own directions pursuing different goals both academic and musical, one thing we had in common after all of this was that we had all become parents.

Ewan MacKenzie band

Robbie and I always stayed in touch and played together in a few bands along the way one more recently was the Ewan MacKenzie band. What a thrill it is to have Ewan play on 'Life Gets Better'. I had also played with Bruce in a number of bands in Nth. Qld and Brisbane and for me is one of the finest slide players around, so Bruce was an automatic choice to play on this album.

So here we all are in town at the same time an engineer with a bit of free time and outstanding ability and a fantastic array of musicians willing to contribute their time and talent. I am thrilled that we finally had the chance to record some songs from the 'Razz' days and also some new songs from John and Tony and a tribute to those days from Rob, 'The Eimeo Song'.

Current gigs

Karen Anderson and I are currently playing live gigs around Brisbane with 'Mick Hadley and the Atomic Boogie Hour' and I also do live gigs with an original Folk outfit called 'Spot the Dog' with which I have had the pleasure of recording 3 albums 'Bedside Manners', 'Drunk on the Moon' and 'Brand New Juliet'.

Plans for the future

I will be recording a 4th album with 'Spot the Dog' in June 2004. I also do gigs with other bands on a casual basis when they need a drummer for whatever reason and also the occasional session for ads, documentaries etc. Please don't hesitate to contact me via the 'State Secret' web site if you would like to know more or just feel like saying hi. It's true 'Life does get better'.