Michael Tully - Bass

At the tender age of 7, Michael's affair with music started in an Adelaide church choir. The arrival of his aunt's piano at age 10 saw him grounded in the love of music for the next few years, inspiring him to buy his first guitar.

By 13, he was off to the folk clubs, jamming it up with mates.

School finished, a couple of years of awful jobs was enough to convince him to hit the road - as stage roadie for funk band 'Fullhouse'. Over the next 9 grueling months, Michael discovered his talents also lay in production, and ended up as the band's sound engineer.

Now mixing for other bands around town, he also took up study in the art of sound. That course completed, Channel 9 took him on as a Video operator, whilst allowing him time off for good behaviour to continue playing bass for a selection of other local bands.

1990 ... lovelorn & having had his fill of 'Wheel of Fortune', the call of the wild musical beast within him led him to Townsville, Nth. Qld. , where a chance meeting with muso's Nigel Oliver, Matt Moline & Uthal Plantener led to the formation of 'The Johnson Stompers'. The Qld. Arts Council needed a high energy Blues / Roots band in their fold, and sent them touring throughout Qld.

They also built a healthy following throughout various areas of Australia.

After 5 years, the band took a well earned beak, with Michael continuing to play the blues, taking up work as a freelance technician for TV productions, as well as a University degree. In demand as a muso, he played at the Brisbane Biennial, Woodford & National Folk festivals, and throughout Brisbane & northern NSW.


Ever versatile, Irish folk band 'Shebeen' recruited him in '99 to play Double Bass & Guitar. Keyboard muse Rose Broe guided him back to his early singing days, and with Michael now singing harmonies, 'Shebeen' was revitalised for the next couple of years.

Michael has since continued his work in TV production as a technical director for a number of high profile Australian & overseas productions. He is also playing at festivals throughout Australia and recording a new live album with the recently reformed Johnson Stompers, as lead vocalist and Bass player.

When Michael's good friend Robbie Stewart invited him to play bass on the 'State Secret' album, his response was enthusiastic ...

"When I first heard the demo's, I was amazed they weren't already hits! ...

It was a privilege to play with such great muso's on such great songs. This project has rekindled my passion for playing music".

Any number of musical projects now keep Michael busy, whilst also keeping up his work in TV production. His time is also spent between his inner-city apartment, and his partner's home on property in the Samford Valley.

"My place is where I go to play music, write, think & dream ... but my real home is with Marina & her kids at Samford. The future .. well ... keep ALL of this happening ... and find some time to shoot documentaries & video clips".