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State Secret

Life Gets Better

Fruitbat Records

Till this point, State Secret have been a well-kept secret. With the release of Life Gets Better the masses will be initiated into the mysteries of State Secret's imaginative songwriting, consummate performance and startling originality. Rarely glimpsed outside of the studio, State Secret boasts the prodigious talents of John Tebbitt (vocals, guitars, bass), Tony Mockeridge (vocals, guitar, percussion), Robbie Stewart (guitars and vocals), Keith Megson (drums, percussion), Michael Tully (electric and double basses) and Bruce Hardy (slide, electric guitars). This secretive mob are also joined by a who's who of Brisbane 's musical maestros including Ewan Mackenzie (guitar), Karen Anderson (vocals), Matt Moline (harmonica) and Gary Buckley (saxophones).

The album features a dozen gorgeous tracks, penned primarily by John and Tony with some help from Robbie. I'll ‘fess up now, this isn't a blues album though you'd be familiar with the subject matter and strident emotion. The songs move past a simple of expression of angst to a more sophisticated and dynamic end. A Minor Blue in William Street is a melancholy sojourn into dark recesses of love featuring exquisite vocals from Karen. Eimeo Song comes in right after and is a playful, enigmatic instrumental that meanders delightfully. The title track has a lilting and humorous feel that belies its dark lyrics.

The album was produced by Robbie Stewart and he's done a great job. It encompasses a diversity of moods and flavours, somehow forming a coherent and satisfying whole. Play it long and loud! I've heard on the grapevine the follow-up isn't too far away! State Secret's CD is available online at Skinny's Music or Rockinghorse Records through the website.





An Invite from Havana

State Secret have been invited to play at the Sociedad Havana Blues Festival in January 2005. The band is incredibly honoured to be invited to the Cuban festival and really want to be there - Read more

Little Secrets - Single Out Soon

Little Secrets, the trio featuring members of State Secret are about to release their first single. Written by Michael Tully, "Pretty Angry Boy" is a look at adolescent life through adult eyes in a lush musical mix. Michael's perceptive lyrics and laconic delivery weave a tale told in millions of households the world over. Featuring some wonderful slide playing from the gifted fingers of Australian guitarist Jeff Lang, the self produced recording should be released before the end of 2004 on the 7th Dimension Label. Check back soon for details on the launch party.

First Press Release

February 2004

Fruitbat Records Australia
is proud to announce the release of
A collection of 12 new songs

On CD from STATE SECRET Produced by Robbie Stewart "every song is so good and so different - it's like listening to a greatest hits compilation" - Polly O'Leary - Women Behaving Badly Radio Show Special"Brown Paper Bag" Limited Edition Now Available direct from Fruitbat Records for $23 AUD online at or by mail order to PO Box 3248 Yeronga QLD 4104 AUSTRALIA
Produced by Brisbane guitarist Robbie Stewart, STATE SECRET is a six-piece outfit performing original songs from songwriters, Andrew John Tebbitt, Tony Mockeridge and Stewart himself. Read more