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A collection of 12 new songs

"Life Gets Better" is the release that underpins the timeless qualities of popular music. It is not an album of "type." It is an album of songs each with a place and space of its own. Gone are the formulas of the 20 th century - Here is an album for the new individual identity of the 21 st - song by song, or the whole collection or your own compilation - it's the modern way of recording and marketing without the tired old clichés of labels and stereotypes and gives each song its own unique position as a separate entity with its own unique appeal.

On CD from STATE SECRET Produced by Robbie Stewart "every song is so good and so different - it's like listening to a greatest hits compilation" - Polly O'Leary - Women Behaving Badly Radio Show Special"Brown Paper Bag" Limited Edition Now Available direct from Fruitbat Records for $23 AUD online at or by mail order to PO Box 3248 Yeronga QLD 4104 AUSTRALIA
Produced by Brisbane guitarist Robbie Stewart, STATE SECRET is a six-piece outfit performing original songs from songwriters, Andrew John Tebbitt, Tony Mockeridge and Stewart himself.

"I was encouraged by the international acceptance of Australia as a new "Rock Centre of The Universe," and wanted to record some new material plus some unrecorded stuff from past associations.... John and Tony are always coming up with great songs and the State Secret band is full of ideas for wonderful arrangements and superb performances so, as they say 'awaaay we go'.

I had the opportunity to put some of the city's finest in the studio with fantastic material and the result....... Absolutely fantastic ...every song is a groove ", says producer Robbie Stewart.

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The core group of six features Keith Megson, percussionist, and arranger, Bruce Hardy, slide guitar, Michael Tully, electric and double basses, with Stewart, Tebbitt and Mockeridge taking on various instrumental and vocal duties; alongside a guest list of Australian greats, like guitar virtuoso Ewan Mackenzie, harmonica king, Matt Moline, keyboard and arranger wiz, Matt Towers, female singers extraordinaire, Karen Anderson, Rose Broe, Anje West, and Nadia Sunde (all legends in their own right), and the sultan of the sax, Gary Buckley hammering down the horn lines. All recording and performance stars in their own right and together for the first time on "Life Gets Better."


" Life Gets Better" - and the more you play it, the better it gets.

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